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The Tower 04-18-2002 02:40 PM

"You are the weakest link- goodbye!"
I noticed all the "what's your favorite" song threads around here. Howz-about a "what's the weakest link on each album" thread??? Sound fun? Here's mine:

Buckingham Nicks: "Lola My Love"

White Album: "Monday Morning" or "Sugar Daddy"

Rumours: "I Don't Wanna Know"

Tusk: "I Know I'm Not Wrong"

Bella Donna: "How Still My Love"

Mirage: "Empire State"

Wild Heart: "Sable on Blond"

Rock A Little: "The Nightmare"

Tango in the Night: "You and I, Part II"

The Other Side of the Mirror: "Cry Wolf"

Behind the Mask: "Stand on the Rock"

Out of the Cradle: "Wrong"

Street Angel: "Greta" or "Docklands"

Time: pretty much the whole thing

Trouble in Shangri-La: "It's Only Love"

I threw in the solo stuff I was familiar with, but by all means chuck in whatever you feel like.

macfan 57 04-18-2002 03:21 PM

Here's my list. I added a few more albums.

Future Games-Lay It All Down

Bare Trees-It's not a song, but the poem at the end.

Penguin-I'm a Road Runner & The Derelict.

Mystery To Me-The City

Heroes Are Hard To Find-Angel

Fleetwood Mac White Album-World Turning.

Rumours-I Don't Want To Know

Tusk-Honey Hi

Live-The Farmer's Daughter

Mirage-Empire State

Tango In The Night-Family Man

Greatest Hits-No Questions Asked

Behind The Mask-Freedom & The Second Time

The Chain Box Set-Teen Beat

Time-All of them except Christine's 5 songs

The Dance-Sweet Girl

Christine McVie-I'm The One

Buckingham/Nicks-Races Are Run

Law and Order-That's How We Do It In L.A.

Go Insane-Play In The Rain

Out of the Cradle-This Is The Time

Gift Of Screws-Wear You Down(Steve's Riff)

Bella Donna-How Still My Love

The Wild Heart-Sable On Blonde

Rock A Little-Sister Honey

The Other Side Of The Mirror-Ghosts

Timespace-Desert Angel

Street Angel-Docklands

Enchanted Box Set-One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star

Trouble In Shangri-La-Candlebright

chiliD 04-18-2002 03:39 PM

(directed at the thread, and no one personally) These kind of threads...picking what you think is the worst, is, by its very nature, designed to annoy, piss off, disappoint, anger, hurt, SOMEBODY'S feelings.

So, now that I've got the disclaimer off my chest...

...OUCH!!:shocked: Some of the tunes you consider "weakest links" are some of my FAVORITES!! :thumbsup: Obviously, our tastes are quite different. :]

Dog & Dustbin: can't find one
Mr. Wonderful: pick one of Jeremy Spencer's Elmore James type tunes as a keeper, dump the rest...too many for one album to hold
Pious Bird Of Good Omen: the tunes that were previously released on other albums are redundant
Then Play On: Danny's "When You Say" (what a stinker!)
Kiln House: Mission Bell
Future Games: What A Shame
Bare Trees: Mrs. Scarrott, you ARE the weakest link, g'bye!
Penguin: Roadrunner
Mystery To Me: not a weak song on the album!!!
Heroes Are Hard To Find: can't find one here either
Fleetwood Mac: by default "Sugar Daddy"
Rumours: can't find one (but I'm REALLY burnt out on "Dreams")
Tusk: Not That Funny
Live: can't find one
Mirage: Straight Back
Tango: Welcome To The Room...Sara
Behind The Mask: The Second Time
Time: honestly, I can't find one

Lindsey Buckingham:
Law & Order: It Was I
Go Insane: I Want You
Out Of The Cradle: can't find one
Gift Of Screws: Come

Stevie Nicks:
Bella Donna: Leather & Lace (maybe I'm just burnt out on this one)
Wild Heart: (taking another knee...whew!) the title cut
Rock A Little: all of side one except "I Can't Wait"
The Other Side Of The Mirror: ALL except "Rooms On Fire"
Street Angel: Jane
TISL: Candlebright (but it's growing on me)

Christine Perfect: not even Chris could improve "When You Say"...a stinker is a stinker
Chris's 1984 album: can't find one

Rick Vito:
King of Hearts: Poor Souls In Love
Pink & Black: can't really find one
Lucky Devils: Rhumba Diablo (by default)
Crazy Cool: can't find one

(Billy Burnette & Dave Mason to be entered upon a future edit of this post)

The Visitor: can't find one
I'm Not Me: can't find one

Bob Welch:
Paris: Rock Of Ages
Big Towne, 2061: 1 In 10
French Kiss: Lose My Heart
Three Hearts: Come Softly To me
The Other One: Spanish Dancer
Man Overboard: B666
1981: Bend Me Shape Me
Eye Contact: Love On The Line
Be-Bop: can't find one

Danny Kirwan:
Second Chapter: Skip-A-Dee-Doo
Midnight In San Juan: Angel's Delight
Hello There, Big Boy: Gettin' The Feelin'

Jeremy Spencer:
1st: Take A Look At Mrs. Brown
Jeremy Spencer & The Children: Someone Told Me
Flee: all of side one (Deeper, Sunshine & Love Our Way Outta here)

Peter Green:
Ok, call me biased, but I can't find any on any album. In the name of "fair play", I'll say ALL of "End Of The Game".

The Tower 04-18-2002 05:44 PM

chiliD!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it??!?!? "When You Say" is my favorite song of all time!!!!!!!

And now you've hurt my feelings......


:laugh: :laugh:

Hawkeye 04-18-2002 06:33 PM

Bare Trees: Danny's chant (The poem doesn't count for me)

Mystery to Me: Forever

White Album: Warm Ways

Rumours: none (But i'm very burnt out on You Make Lovin Fun)

Tusk: I Know I'm Not Wrong

Live: One More Night

Mirage: Hold Me (Stop throwing things)

Tango in the Night: Welcome to the Room Sara

Behind the Mask: The Second Time

Bella Donna: NONE AT ALL

Wild Heart: Gate and Garden

Rock a Little: Imperial Hotel

Other Side of the Mirror: (Like Chili I HATE this album, they all suck but rooms on fire) but i'll pick Cry Wolf

Street Angel: Unconditional Love

Enchanted (disk 3, and Garbo and OMBTRRS): Somebody Stand by Me

TISL- It's Only Love

chiliD 04-18-2002 06:51 PM

:shrug: Sorry!

:blob2: :blob2: :blob2:


The Tower 04-18-2002 07:14 PM

Those bouncy blue dudes are freaky....

Sugar 04-18-2002 07:58 PM

MY GO...
I'm mainly gonna stick to the basics here:

White Album: Warm Ways "Yoooooouuu made me a woman tonight" oh please...

And for the record, I'm one of the ones who actually likes "Sugar Daddy".

Rumours: Oh Daddy (what's with Chris and the Daddy imagery?)

Tusk: I actually have to go with Tusk on this one! I can't believe so many people don't like "I Know I'm Not Wrong"

Live: Tough, but I actually don't really like this version of Landslide. I've got a couple concerts from 1977 or so I like a lot better

Mirage: Empire State

Tango: Little Lies is such an insipid little tune (Now they're throwing things at me, Hawkeye)

Behind thew Mask: Whew..I think the only thing I DO like is Freedom, but I never listen to this album.

The Dance: me cruel, by I was really disappointed with Rhiannon. I know... I know we can't expect Stevie to do that nutzo thing for 30 years, but then maybe change how they do the song (a la Big Love or even Say You Love Me). This song has just become a shadow of itself and it makes me sad. Maybe it's time to drop it, even. (Now they're not even THINKING about you, Hawkeye!


Bella Donna: Kind of Woman
WIld Heart: either I Will Run to You or Nightbird
Rock A Little: Some Become Strangers and Talk to Me
TOSOTM: Cry Wolf
Timespace: Women shouldn't associate with (let alone record songs by) men with bigger hair than them. 'Nuff said
Street Angel: everything but Rose Garden
TISL: Bombay Sapphires


L&O: It Was I
Go Insane: Slow Dancing
OOTC: Say We'll Meet Again

jwd 04-18-2002 08:37 PM

I can still hear you saying you'd never break the chain
but you have...cause you da weakest link! :laugh:

The White Album...GET REAL, the chain was STRONG then. No, no weakest or weak links here. :D

Rumours...The fact that Silver Springs was left off of the album. :nod:

Tusk..I think just Lindsey's general "softness" or his turn from good rock and roll tunes to "somewhat" radical punk. I think I'd erase "Save Me A Place" from the master tape.

Live...Don't Stop...replace it with a live version of Tusk or Sisters Of the Moon. question about it...Empire State...that song is so annoying.

Tango In The Night...Family Man...see above. Runner up would be When I See You Again...Stevie...WHAT WAS THE MATTER BABY!?


sodascouts 04-18-2002 08:41 PM

There's always one....
Here are my least faves:

Buckingham Nicks: "Races Are Run" (drags)

Fleetwood Mac:
White Album - "Warm Ways" (so corny)
Rumours - "Oh Daddy"
Tusk - "The Ledge" (that repetitive 'someone oughtta KILLS this song)
Live - "Farmer's Daughter" (annoying)
Mirage - "Empire State" (pointlessly weird)
Tango: - "When I See You Again" and "Family Man" (Talk about repetitive! What's a matter baby...what's a amatter baby...I am what I am am what I am!)
The Chain - "Make Me a Mask" (funky 'wish I were middle eastern' tune)
The Dance - "Rhiannon" (did we really need to hear that verse THREE times? And you don't have to sing it high, but how about uptempo?!)

Stevie Solo:
BellaDonna - "Think About It"
Wild Heart - "Sable on Blond"
Rock a Little - "Sister Honey", "The Nightmare" and "Imperial Hotel"
The Other Side of the Mirror - "Long Way to Go", "Ghosts", and "Alice"
TimeSpace - "Desert Angel"
Street Angel - "Greta", "Docklands", "Love Is Like a River", "Just Like a Woman," and "Kick It"
Enchanted - "Thousand Days"
Trouble in Shangri-la - "That Made Me Stronger" (so self-indulgent!)

Lindsey Solo:
Law and Order - "Johnny Stew" and "That's How We Do It in L.A."
Go Insane - "Play in the Rain Parts 1 and 2" (what the...?!)
Out of the Cradle - "This Is the Time"

Ta da! Even the masters ocassionally have stinkers.

Keith 04-18-2002 08:45 PM

underneath your radar screen..
you'll never catch me tonight..

by memory:

White Album - Fleetwood Mac became my favorite band by listening to this perfect record. but if i had to choose..

I can't.

Rumours - I can't

Tusk - I can't

Live - Not That Funny

Mirage - Only Over You

Tango - You and I, part 2

Behind the Mask - Affairs of the Heart

Dance - I can't

wondergirl9847 04-18-2002 11:12 PM

My picks...
Mystery To Me: The City (Otherwise, PERFECT album)

Fleetwood Mac: Sugar Daddy (otherwise, PERFECT)

Rumours: Yikes, if a gun was put to my head, I would say, I Don't Wanna Know (PERFECTION)


Live: One More Night's kinda boring

Mirage: Wish You Were Here (Unlike everyone else, I like Empire State, not my fave LB song, but I like it better than WYWH)


The Dance: Dreams, cuz I like the Rumours version, don't care for it live, very much. (Rhiannon could've rocked, blah blah blah..., but PERFECT ANYWAYS)

Lindsey Buckingham:

Law & Order: Mary Lee Jones & September Song
Go Insane: Play in the Rain
Out Of The Cradle: Yikes, well if a gun, etc..I would say Turn It On (PERFECTION)
Gift Of Screws: Singer Not the Song (Don't really like songs he didn't write)

Stevie Nicks:

Bella Donna: How Still My Love (Otherwise, PERFECTION)
Wild Heart: Wild Heart & I Will Run to You
Rock A Little: Rock a Little & Sister Honey
TISL: That Made Me Stronger (bleck)

OOTC is my fave LB album, and Bella Donna is my fave SN album.

KathyD 04-19-2002 12:40 AM


Originally posted by chiliD

The Other Side Of The Mirror: ALL except "Rooms On Fire"

This is so weird... 2 seconds after I read the above line, "Rooms On Fire" came on the radio (well, internet radio-KFOG in SF). I don't think I've heard this song anywhere except my CD player since 1989! They were doing "10 at 10" from 1989, but it's still kinda surprising that they picked ROF.

So, thanks chiliD ;)


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