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jbrownsjr 03-17-2018 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by Macfan4life (Post 1221243)
Thanks for all the updates. Any records reveal how much Buckingham/McVie has sold in the USA?

Great question. I love that it charted on many charts top 10 and got mentioned as one of the best albums of the year. #36 I think. Great reviews. Did really well in the UK. Can't understand not doing a London show. uhhhh. So frustrating. They might have sold out about 10 shows in a smaller venue. Missed opportunity.

I can't think it would have sold much. But I'm eager for another round of BuckVie.

petep9000 03-21-2018 02:18 PM

Is this just for digital sales? 11x platinum is more than 3 millions copies.

James89 03-24-2018 08:03 AM

Yet another one! They seem to be coming nearly every week now. Landslide has just been certified Silver for digital sales in excess of 200,000.

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