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ontheEdgeof17 08-10-2019 05:30 PM

Let's Talk Bootlegs: Rumours Tour
Hi all.

Over the past several months, I have gotten hardcore again about collecting and filing my bootleg collection.

I wanted to see if anyone would like to share some Rumours Tour bootlegs that I am missing....and I am willing to share what I have. Here is list of tour stops I have and what is bolding are the dates I am looking for.

Have you any bootlegs you'd like to share?

Rumours Rehearsals (several dates): February 77
Long Island,NY Nassau Coliseum 2/24/1977 **Does this show exist or is it the 3/24/77 show?
San Diego,CA San Diego Sports Arena March/10/1977
Philadelphia,PA The Spectrum March/21/1977
Long Island,NY Nassau Coliseum 3/24/1977
Kansas City,MO Kemper Arena Arp/1/1977
Paris,France Apr/14/1977
Glasgow,Scotland The Apollo Apr/23/1977 mine is labeled 4/4/77, are there two bootlegs?
Oakland,CA Oakland Stadium May/7/1977
Oklahoma City,OK Fairgrounds Arena May/18/1977
Nashville,TN Municipal Auditorium May/21/1977
Orlando,FL Tangerine Bowl May/29/1977 7
Birmingham,AL Jefferson Civic Arena June/2/1977
Little Rock,AR Barton Coliseum June/25/1977
New York City,NY Madison Square Garden June/29/1977
New York City,NY Madison Square Garden June/30/1977
Buffalo,NY Auditorium July/3/1977
Providence,RI Civic Center July/7/1977
Las Vegas,NV Aladdin Theater Aug/25/1977
Los Angeles,CA Aug/29/1977
Seattle,WA Sept/3/1977
ST.Paul,MN Civic Center Arena Sept/12/1977
Detroit,MI Joe Luis Arena Sept/22/1977
Philadelphia,PA The Spectrum Sept/27/1977
Sydney,Australia the Fairgrounds Nov/4/1977
Queensland,Australia Entertainment Centre Nov/15/1977

Nagoya,Japan Nagoya Shi-Kokaido Dec/1/1977
Osaka,Japan Expo Hall Dec/4/1977
Tokyo,Japan Dec/5/1977
Dallas,TX Cotton Bowl July/23/1978
Saratoga Springs,NY Arts Center July/26/1978
Orchard Park,NY Rich Stadium July/28/1978
Largo,MD Aug/2/1978
Cleveland,OH Lakefront Stadium Aug/26/1978
Baton Rouge,LA LSV Tiger Stadium Aug/30/1978

...and any other date you might have....

SisterNightroad 08-11-2019 05:51 AM

Look here:

ontheEdgeof17 08-11-2019 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by SisterNightroad (Post 1253797)

I have all those. Thanks!

SorcererJP 11-08-2019 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by ontheEdgeof17 (Post 1253794)
Hi all.

Baton Rouge,LA LSV Tiger Stadium Aug/30/1978

...and any other date you might have....

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