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cbBen 01-17-2020 01:13 PM

Bonus DVD Material Now On YouTube
The bonus DVD material for Songs From The Small Machine and Live At The Bass Performance Hall have both been recently posted to YouTube.

The first is a great interview with Lindsey covering his career through the early eighties and the Seeds We Sow songs and live performances:

The second is the Not Too Late documentary covering Lindsey's biography and the re-ignition of his solo career:

David 01-26-2020 01:15 PM

"I have no apprehension about putting something new in front of an audience. It's really more the challenge of how do we get this done onstage. That can be like trying to solve a math equation: you have to break it down and look at the pieces and who does this and who does that and does it need any augmenting? It's FUN - it's so much fun! These are problems that I don't get to work on in Fleetwood Mac so much because that process does not come in to play in the same way."

elle 01-27-2020 07:53 PM

i like Small Machine bonus material from LB's website a lot.

Not Too Late doc has always been way to whiny for my taste. the way it's recorded, it's like someone (LB?) had no clue how to tape anything well, was just playing with it, did a crappy job, and then could not be self-critical enough to understand how embarrassingly crappy of a job that is, so wasted people's time by putting it out. but there are some great acoustic performances on there.

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