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Macfan4life 09-07-2017 06:08 AM

The strongest hurricane ever in the Atlantic is devastating parts of the Caribbean and headed this way (south Florida). There is no water or gas to be found in Florida. I have plenty of food, water, and gas. However, if the storm stays on track it will be a life changing moment. I may lose my house. I will lose power sometime very early Sunday morning. You wont see me around this board for a long time. But hopefully someday I will be back. I cant die yet, I have to see Buckingham/McVie on November 11 ;)

SisterNightroad 09-07-2017 11:56 AM

Good luck Macfan4life, I can only imagine what it can be to experience a hurricane; I've seen how earthquakes devastated houses and historical facilities in the towns near where I live last year, so stay safe and keep the things you hold most dear with you.

FuzzyPlum 09-07-2017 02:43 PM

Good luck dude.

LB Freakazoid 09-07-2017 11:30 PM

To the fellow Floridian ledgies.... Stay safe....
I've lived in SoFla since '71, and I don't ever remember peeps being this scared.
It's difficult to just wait - for days - and wonder how your life is going to be different a week from now....

Macfan4life 09-09-2017 05:39 PM

We may be dodging a bullet here in Miami. God Bless everyone in Tampa and on the west coast. We are thinking and praying for you.

FuzzyPlum 09-10-2017 01:53 PM

Hows it going? Hope you're holding out alright.

Macfan4life 09-12-2017 05:44 PM

I'm back. Power restored. We dodged a canon. Thursday night when it was reported Miami was going to take a direct hit from Irma cat 4, I had to mentally prepare to leave my house, take my most cherished items and think about coming back to catastrophe. Thankfully the track moved and kept moving the next day. I feel for Cuba but the unexpected hit on Cuba downgraded Irma from a Cat 5 to Cat 3 when approaching the Florida west coast. As bad as Irma was, it could have been so much worse. I am so thankful.
Now...on with the show :)

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