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michelej1 01-21-2017 07:14 PM

Gordon Brown Writes with Billy
[From an interview with Gordon Brown]

New Jersey Stage, by Gary Wien

When do you hope to have a full album available?

We're about twenty songs in and we're experimenting with all kinds of different combinations. Reagan and I write together all the time but in Nashville we got together with very talented and well respected friends like Paul Sidoti who is Taylor Swift's guitarist and also one of the nicest and most humble guys you could ever meet. We also got to write a great one with Cyndi Thomson who had some monster hits in her solo career a few years back. Her voice is still as angelic and amazing as ever. Among many others, one of our favorite writes was with the legendary Billy Burnette, who Reagan knew from her Les Paul days, and who replaced Lindsey Buckingham in Fleetwood Mac from 1987 to 1995. Once we feel we have the right collection of songs together, we're planning for a full release in Spring of 2015.

James89 01-23-2017 05:30 AM

I rushed to this post only because I thought you were referring to the UK's former Prime Minister. :lol:

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