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Mr Scarrott 05-06-2018 04:56 PM

An introduction to the "lost" middle period
Now that the band is entering into a new, perhaps final phase, with hints that its pre-75 output is going to get some sort of live airing in the upcoming tour, I wonder how we might introduce the uninitiated to the post-Green pre BN era, not that in my heart of hearts I think much (or indeed any) of it will surface during the next tour.

Using my somewhat anachronistic tactic of compiling an 80 minute CD and trying to make something cohesive and flowing out of the Kiln House to Heroes era, I've come up with the following. Yeah, I know, no Station Man (studio version is too plodding) and no Purple Dancer (original studio version unavailable on CD/download anyway). I couldn't bring myself to include a Dave Walker song, even for the sake of completeness.

Spare me a Little of Your Love
One Together
Woman of 1000 years
Coming Home
Show Me a Smile
Did You Ever Love Me
Sentimental Lady
The Way I Feel
Caught in the Rain
Mission Bell
Remember Me
Child of Mine
Bermuda Triangle
Sunny Side of Heaven
Future Games
Safe Harbour

Anyone tried anything similar?

chriskisn 05-16-2018 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by Mr Scarrott (Post 1226953)
I couldn't bring myself to include a Dave Walker song, even for the sake of completeness.

Wash your mouth out... :mad:


Dr.Brown 05-16-2018 08:40 AM

I agree that CDs are anachronistic so, despite their track lengths, I'd be loathe to exclude either Station Man or Future Games from a "middle period" collection.

Mr Scarrott 05-16-2018 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by chriskisn (Post 1228121)
Wash your mouth out... :mad:


Yes, I'm sorry! I'm glad you see the funny side. Oddly enough, I don't mind The Derelict but I couldn't see how it would really fit in musically with the rest of my selections , which total 77 min 58 mins, so a 2 min 49 second track would push it over 80 minutes anyway.

Roadrunner was never an option, I'm afraid. I wonder if he contributed any of the vocal "aahs" on Caught in the rain. I somehow doubt it, given the timbre of his voice.

I don't mean to denigrate Dave Walker, and I will confess to knowing next to nothing about his other work, but I'm part of the general consensus that sees him as being out of place in the context of FM.

I'll have to listen to your selections, Mclamb, to see how they flow. I get quite mellowed out listening to my track list at times. I wish this period was better appreciated and remembered.

Thanks for your replies and input.

Missy 06-08-2018 10:03 AM

I think they should have it in the show, to help illustrate the connection between the early and later Fleetwood Mac. Those years were an important transition phase.

I like this version of 'Station Man' by Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes. It has the blues feel, but sprightly melody/harmony over it that was characteristic of where FM were heading. I do think the song will be performed in the show and it will be a great live number.

FM has such a long complex history, but some of the songs tell the story themselves. I think especially with Peter Green - his songs were so intensely personal.

If presented well I think it could be a very interesting show and experience.

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