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vivfox 08-21-2009 07:42 AM

Nicks McNuggets
Interviewing fellow musicians on Bio Channel's must-see "The Chris Isaak Hour," the singer-songwriter revealed another exceptional skill. His chats with such artists as Stevie Nicks, Cat Stevens, Smashing Pumpkins, Glen Campbell and Chicago unearth fresh insights into each performer.

"They can tell that I really love music and respect what they do," Isaak said. "We made a point of going a little farther than the usual 'Who are you dating?' and 'When is your new album out?' questions.

"The one thing all my guests had in common beside amazing talent was that they all overcame obstacles to get to the top and make their music. You think of Stevie Nicks as just being born a gorgeous rock star with a platinum record. But she was somebody's hotel maid at one point."

vivfox 08-21-2009 07:44 AM

Dudek's solo work yielded a couple of FM radio hits, "City Magic" and "Old Judge Jones." But problems bogged down his career.

Columbia teamed Dudek with label mates Mike Finnigan and Jim Krueger for a "DFK" tour, then an album. Then Cher asked Dudek to play on her "Black Rose" album.

"It was a pretty decent rock 'n' roll album," he said. "But Neil Bogart, owner of the record company, Casablanca, died right after we put it out. That sealed its fate. The push behind it stopped. Cher swept it under the rug after that."

Dudek lived with Cher for three years. "We were in the shower one day and she says, 'What do you think we're doing together, Les?' I said, 'We're just two lonely people hanging out with each other until something better comes along.' She goes, 'Good answer!'"

After they split up, Cher helped him land a role in "Mask."

Other opportunities popped up, but the timing was never right. "Anytime a guitar player dies, they call me. When the guy from Chicago blew his head off, who gets the call? Les Dudek. When Lowell George died, who got the call? Yeah, I could have been in Little Feat, too.

"It would have been really neat playing for Chicago, though I hear it's kind of a boring gig. But Little Feat, that would have been fun."

In 1988, during another lull, Dudek contemplated becoming a sheriff. "Then I got yanked back into the business by John Kay of Steppenwolf. He wanted me to go on tour with him, which ended up being a big fiasco.

"There were times when I just felt like, 'To hell with it.' But something always pulled me back. Stevie Nicks pulled me back in. I ended up writing some songs with her. I did a tour with her in '91. That was short-lived. I broke my arm. I was riding a Harley between rehearsals and a cab pulled out in front of me."

vivfox 08-21-2009 07:46 AM

Over the next six years, Dudek released four solo albums, scoring radio hits with “City Magic” and “Old Judge Jones.” There was a 20-year hiatus between Dudek’s 1981’s “Gypsy Ride” and the 2001 album “Deeper Shades of Blues.”

Cher asked Dudek to participate on a recording project, which would become the “Black Rose” album. In 1984, he appeared with the singer and wrote a few songs for the movie “Mask.”

Dudek teamed up with Stevie Nicks for two songs, “Sister Honey” and “Freestyle,” the title track to his 2003 CD.

michelej1 08-21-2009 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by vivfox (Post 838359)

Dudek lived with Cher for three years. "We were in the shower one day and she says, 'What do you think we're doing together, Les?' I said, 'We're just two lonely people hanging out with each other until something better comes along.' She goes, 'Good answer!'"

Wow, that reminds me of something Sonny said about his marriage to Suzie Coelho. He said they were just waiting around for something exciting to happen.

I really don't like the way all the stories I've been reading for so long are ending these days.


michelej1 08-21-2009 05:00 PM

This is an excerpt from the St. Louis Jewish Light article about an upcoming Sidewalk Sale:

Years ago I bought a dress at a benefit sale that I was told once belonged to Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks. I never knew if this was true, but every time I wore the dress I felt like a rock star and found myself inexplicably humming "Rhiannon."

I mention this because on Thursday, Aug. 27, from 10 a.m. to noon, the "Best Dressed Sidewalk Sale" will take place at Valerie Mills Boutique, 131 Carondelet Plaza, in Clayton. All proceeds from the sale — as well as 10 percent of purchases that day of Valerie Mills merchandise — will benefit the Legal Advocates of Abused Women.

vivfox 08-23-2009 08:54 PM

Stevie Nicks: I love Britney
Sunday, August 23, 2009

Stevie Nicks an American singer-songwriter, best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac, said some pretty nice things about Britney.

The 61yr old artist says, Britney Spears has her full support.

"I love Britney and I want the best for her," Nicks said. "She has got her life back and she has two boys who need her.

"But Britney has her body back, her beauty back and, hopefully, she will get her power back."

Awe, that was so nice of her.

vivfox 08-26-2009 08:30 AM

Sunday - I met up with a high school buddy of mine in Burbank, and we went to a cool little restaurant/bar called Fiamme (in Thousand Oaks) to see Jana Anderson and Sharon Celani perform. These two women are backup singers for Stevie Nicks, and they were nice enough to chat with us after the show and take a couple of pictures.

vivfox 08-26-2009 08:31 AM

Grab a Stetson and your autograph pad: The AZ Music & Entertainment Hall Of Fame is holding a benefit concert on September 6 at Handlebar J in Scottsdale, a great little honky-tonky type bar just north Shea and Scottsdale Roads.

Heard of the institution we lovingly know by it's overly-complex acronym, AZM&EHOF? Turns out it's inducted legends like Alice Cooper, Glen Campbell, Steven Spielberg, Stevie Nicks, Linda Ronstadt, Waylon Jennings, and Buck Owens, all of which spent at least some time in our state.

They're not planning another induction until fall 2010 (when, with any luck, someone else in Arizona will get appropriately famous -- otherwise it's you, Shawn Michaels) but in the meantime they're hoping to raise some cash with a concert featuring inductees like Jerry Riopelle, Jessi Colter, The Herndon Brothers, and about a dozen other acts. Doors open at 4 p.m. Show starts at 5 p.m. Suggested donation is $20.

vivfox 08-26-2009 08:10 PM

Megan Joy Is Sparking Filmmakers’ Interest
Though she made her mark on the world’s most-watched singing competition, American Idol’s Megan Joy may not be headed for the recording studio, but rather the silver screen.

The sultry, single mom with the sexy voice caught everyone’s attention during Idol’s eighth season. Immediately after her departure from the show, the internet was ablaze with the rumor that Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks had noticed Megan and wanted to anoint her to play her part in an upcoming biopic about the supergroup. (Nicks, the week before, made her thoughts crystal clear on Lindsay Lohan’s interest in the role. “Over my dead body,” the one-time queen of rock said of Lohan’s possible involvement.)

Stevie Nicks, though, isn’t the only one who has noticed Megan Joy. “From what I’ve seen, Megan doesn’t have a bad angle,” says Phoenix, Arizona indie filmmaker Jane Bell. “We’d love to work with her. I’d go so far as to say we would develop a project with her in mind. She’s stunning.”

“It’s funny. I’d never watched Idol until this season,” Bell said. “A friend called me and said ‘you’ve got to see this girl.’ As soon as we began watching her, we were hooked. So many possibilities there.”

Regarding Megan’s sleeve tattoo, Bell responded, ”To get her going in something like a festival short, we’d write the tattoo into the story, just to get her in a film, so she could get her acting feet wet. She simply has too much presence, almost a Grace Kelly kind of thing. You can’t help but gape at her.”

“We’ve tried to contact Megan,” Bell continued, “through one of her fan websites that stated they had a direct line to her, but to no avail. I know she has a myspace now. So we’ll wait until she’s off the tour, and depending on what happens with the Fleetwood Mac thing, we’ll try to get together with her in the fall. But, who knows, we might be competing with Cover Girl and L’Oreal, she’s that good-looking.”

vivfox 08-29-2009 09:30 PM

Jimmy Iovine tells an excellent story about the pairing of Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks in Peter Bogdanovich's great film about Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Running Down a Dream. Iovine loved having Nicks sing lead on "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" because he loved hearing a woman sing the role normally sung by a man.

vivfox 09-01-2009 09:02 AM

What does Madonna work out to? Kaballah disco? Threadmill groove? Yoga boogie? Surprise. It's none of the above. Madonna likes to work out to the tunes of Tiesto, Daft Punk and Miles Dyson according to an exclusive remix compilation the Queen of Pop put together for New York City gym chain Equinox. Download it at iTunes.

The compilation is the first in a series of Equinox's so-called Celebrity Sets that gym lovers and workout buffs can download on iTunes. “More than a dozen star-studded mixes are already in play for the fall debut—including Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Nicks, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and Michael Buble," reveals, creative director Bianca Kosoy.

She stays mum about the arrangements the company has with participating artists. "None of them are under any contractual obligation or financial arrangement with Equinox. We want the guest DJs to be true to themselves and we will work with them to edit the list through the Equinox lens."

Perhaps they gave Madonna's a few lifetime guest passes for that fancy new Equinox in Chelsea. In any event, Madge put together a slamming remix compilation that surely will get you to crunch a little harder and pump up your heartbeat a bit faster.

Madonna's full Equinox playlist:

"Watch the Sunrise" (Extended Vocal) - Axwell
"Dance 4 Life" (12" Mix) - Tiësto & Maxi Jazz
"Delirious" David Guetta
"Do You Feel Me" (feat. Julie Thompson) - Tiësto
"Stardust" (Felguk Remix) - Perfect Stranger
"Fly Away" (Gee & Lighter Remix) - Jean Claude Ades
"Television Rules the Nation / Crescendolls" - Daft Punk
"Massenbewegungsmittel" - Miles Dyson
"Superfine" - Hong Kong Blondes
"Not Over" (feat. Ryan Tedder) - Oakenfold

vivfox 09-04-2009 01:16 AM

The Really Snowing Picture Frame is what snow globes would be like it if wasn’t for Christopher Columbus proving that the world wasn’t flat (history nerds step in and correct that, you know you want to). Also I would be posting this post in a Navajo dialect from my wigwam (I know, I know, technically the Lenapes lived in my area, not the point history buffs, nobody’s ever heard of the Lenapes despite their poor land bartering deals- Manhattan for $24 in trinkets? ripoff city! Shame shame shame… shame on you…Arnold Diaz FTW).

Back to the picture frame- this is a non-digital picture frame (or as we used to call them back in the day “picture frame”) and is operated by a pair of batteries. When you turn it on, it looks like it’s snowing. Snow swirls around behind the glass like a windy day at Stevie Nicks' house in the 70’s. It’s really future proof since due to global warming there will no longer be snow anywhere within the next 10 years (possibly inaccurate, I’m not a meteorologist either) so you can make it snow where there is no snow. It won’t save the polar bears or anything like that though, unfortunately. It holds your standard 4″ x 6″ photos.

vivfox 09-04-2009 01:19 AM

Last May when we were leaving a big festival near Asheville called LEAF (think an artsy, creative, love fest of an event), we hopped a van/shuttle with some other festival goers. In the shuffle of us all grabbing a seat and playing musical chairs, I ended up in the very back row with two people not in our group. That’s not a bad thing, meeting new folks is good, except maybe these folks hadn’t bathed much and they had definitely “altered their psyche” a bit.

However, I can’t not talk to anyone standing or sitting beside me, so before I knew it we were discussing some remake of a song playing on the radio. Somehow in that conversation, I ended up describing my distaste for Stevie Nicks’ rendition of the Dave Matthews Band classic “Crash”. After a bit we discussed other remakes gone bad and determined that there were some premises necessary for a good remake. And before I knew it, the patchouli smelling guy beside me confessed that he felt a certain passion for the cover albums recently released by Rod Stewart.


daniellaaarisen 09-04-2009 01:20 AM

Out of curiosity, how do you find all these MacNuggets? I love it but they're all so random! You have a talent, my friend.

vivfox 09-04-2009 02:38 AM


Originally Posted by daniellaaarisen (Post 840894)
Out of curiosity, how do you find all these MacNuggets? I love it but they're all so random! You have a talent, my friend.

Curiosity killed the cat.
And she is like a cat in the dark and then she is the darkness.
Dani, I don't know how you found The Ledge, But I thank God you and Bryson did!

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