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wondergirl9847 07-27-2002 10:59 PM

Listening to demos...
I've been listening to the demo for My Little Demon and it sounds like it could have been on Go Insane...while Given Thing sounds like it could have been on Law and Order with it's wierd country-fied sound! LOL It sounds like "mountain music" to me, ya know, "hick music"!! :lol: When I listen to it, I picture Lindsey in a rockin char on a parch with a lazy, hownd dawg at his feet while 3 other "mountain men" in overalls, straws stickin out of their mouths and bare feet play the washboard, that mouth instrument that makes that funny twing-twang noise and one's blowing on the mouth of the bottle with the XXX on the front of it! LMAO!! :laugh: TOO FUNNY! "'s a given thang..."

wondergirl9847 07-27-2002 11:28 PM

You are right, great minds DO think alike...don't apologize, I'm a great mind and you are a great mind!! :nod::thumbsup: We rule! :laugh::D

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