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Andy Man 05-18-2020 11:35 AM

2019 Coloured Vinyl Releases (1975-1987 boxset)
Hi folks,

I'm wondering if there is anybody here that has picked up either all or some of the 2019 coloured vinyl releases of the studio albums (75-87)? How do you think these releases sound compared to the vinyl reissues that came with the individual deluxe editions (minus the 45rpm versions of FM and Rumours)? I just picked up the white vinyl version of the "Fleetwood Mac" album (1975) and I think it actually sounds pretty great. Anybody have an opinion on these?

Andy Man 05-18-2020 01:46 PM

Actually, on second listen, the white vinyl has a real glaring defect on Side 1...there are two moments of significant sibilance/distortion on "Warm Ways" and "Over My Head." Perhaps a result of this being white vinyl (known to be one of the lowest quality colour vinyl choices...) Remastering is fine all around, but a few defects not heard on the 2018 180g version.

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